It all started as an innocent idea, let’s get a few chickens.  It made sense, lots of farms have chickens, right?  Well, a few chickens quickly turned into not-so-few chickens, then quite-a-few chickens, until we look around today and there way more than a few chickens of varying ages on the farm.  We have several breeds that are our passion and priority, and then several more that we keep for additional egg-layers.

These are our current passions:

French Black Copper Marans

This breed was developed in Marans, France.   This variety of Marans is black in color with copper colored hackles (head and neck feathers) and feathered legs.  It is best known for its dark, chocolate colored eggs.


This breed was developed in Germany.  It was the result of a breeding program to produce a large bird that could be used for meat, but also produce hens that lay a respectable number of eggs.  The Bielefelder is a very friendly breed that also has the advantage of being auto-sexing, meaning you can tell the males from the females when they hatch because of their color.  These birds lay large brown eggs.


Olive Egger

This is not an actual recognized breed but rather a cross between breeds to produce a certain egg color.  Our olive eggers are a cross between Wheaten Ameraucanas (blue egg) and Black Copper Marans (dark brown egg).  This cross produces a hen that lays a light olive colored egg.


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